Spyware and Virus Removal

Spyware, Adware, and Malware Cleanup

Has your computer slowed down? Has your home page or search site mysteriously changed? Are you seeing popups, or blue screens? Chances are you've been infected by spyware, adware, or another type of Malware. These types of harmful software can cause many problems, ranging from slow internet to a nearly unusable computer. Atlas eWorks removes problems like these every day. We can clean up your computer and get it running like new.

We have your best interests in mind. No one wants to spend money every month to clean up a PC again and again. We'll help you choose the right software to help you guard against all types of computer infections.

Virus Removal

Most computers ship with some kind of virus protection subscription already installed. Whether free or paid, scans occasionally fall short. More often, subscriptions expire before you realize it. Either way...you're in trouble. The point is: It's common to become infected with a virus. In some cases, infection occurs just by visiting a page with malicious code embedded in an ad...it happens all of the time.

Without experience, computer virus removal can be a difficult task - certainly with your documents, pictures, videos, or music at risk. Our experience is the best tool in your toolbox. Atlas eWorks will ensure the safety of your data, and remove any infection present. If you prefer, we'll even come to you to do it.

That's right; we make house calls!