Data Recovery Service

In a perfect world, everybody backs up everything, and there's no need for data recovery services. Well, no one is perfect, and even when we do regular backups, it seems like problems pop up at the worst possible times. Thankfully, in most cases, your data can be saved. We have several tools at our disposal to do just that.

Often a virus makes a computer unbootable, which prevents access to your intact data. We'll access your drive directly and back up all of your files. Recovery of this type is usually 100% successful.

Another recovery scenario occurs due to data corruption, often caused by "brown outs." In this case, the drive's mechanical function is intact, but the files are damaged. We have deep scanning utilities, able to examine and repair this type of damage, resulting outstanding success rates. Recovery of this type has a very high success rate.

Some computer manufacturers use poor quality components, including hard drives. A sub-standard drive often fails due to its controller. This means your data isn't actually damaged, but an electronic problem is preventing the drive from retrieving it. Chances of recovery from this type of failure are only fair, but if communication can be established, the chance for complete recovery is high.

Finally, there are failures that leave destruction in their wake. The most troublesome types of failure are those resulting from shocking a spinning drive. If the disk internals are damaged, it's very likely that some data will be entirely lost. In these cases, Atlas eWorks cannot retrieve your data, as the drive must be opened in a cleanroom. However, we can coordinate with third parties that specialize in this type of data recovery. Be aware: these services are extremely expensive, and should only be considered when maximum data recovery is paramount.