Network Services

WiFi and Hardwired Networking

Most networks are pretty straight forward. Your WiFi device finds a network, you enter a password, and you're connected. But what about the wireless 'smart TV', game console, or laptop that has trouble staying connected? Or that one area of the house that doesn't seem to get a signal? Or perhaps you prefer the security of a wired network, but your home isn't wired for it. We handle problems like this every day, and we can help you too.

We can set up your new router, network printer, resolve network speed problems, range issues, or wire your facility for a hard-lined network. Perhaps you'd like to add a music server to your entertainment system, but you're not sure how to get everything to work us, and we'll work out a solution. Whatever your need, we're here to serve you.

Ask us about:

  • Router / Switch Installation & Configuration
  • Network Cable Installation
  • Wireless Range Extension
  • File & Printer Sharing
  • Network Drive Mapping
  • Connectivity Diagnotics
  • Media & Entertainment Integration