Computer Services

New or Custom Desktop Computers

Does your desktop struggle with tasks you need it to perform? Are you ready to replace it with something more powerful? We can help! We build new computers to suit a variety of needs, and we'll take your dollar to task in the process. Atlas eWorks will put quality and power only where you want it, bringing you the most bang for your buck. Compared to mass-produced units, our PC's are competitively priced, while offering longer life and better performance.

Desktop Computer Service

Unfortunately computers don't grow with us. But as software complexity increases, the demand for computing power does too. If you're PC is "tired" but you're not ready for a new investment, you're at the right place! We can maximize your computer's potential with CPU, memory, or storage upgrades to put the wind back in your computer's sails. Or if you suddenly find yourself staring a black screen with no apparent heartbeat...the doctor is in! We will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for free.

Laptop Computer Service

We repair laptop computers too! Broken or cracked laptop screen? Problems charging? Out of space? Failing WiFi? No problem! We can replace your cracked screen, convert your hard drive to solid state, increase your memory, replace your keyboard, or whatever else you may need. Just give us a call!